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From Missouri, I grew up with a family constantly moving throughout the midwest and south. The continual movement and changing environments fostered a very solitary view of humanity, as if through a viewfinder, long before I picked up a camera. During college work toward a commercial art degree, I was exposed to some photography, which I applied mostly toward art and graphics. Only recently have I begun to practice photography for the sake of photography and since beginning, photography has consumed me. I'm driven to learn, to continually see more, to shoot better.


A longtime resident of downtown Los Angeles, my first and ongoing project, Riversystem, combines landscapes, portraits and detail from along the Los Angeles River and some of the people living in and around its structures and the bordering Union Pacific rail lines. Having lived nearby for years, it has served as my backyard and wilderness. Initially inspired by its raw beauty, and working to describe its grand vistas and skylines, recently I’ve begun photographing the residents I’ve come to know. Most have lived here for years and have created encampments that are for now their homes, some are here only briefly, and much about the area is beginning to change. With my photography, I’ve attempted to describe a view of the unrefined beauty in this environment and its natural reflection in the people who live in it.